So, after a nice month-long break from the comic I’m at it again!

No new pages, but I’m working on brushing up all of the old ones and more importantly digitizing the text. I’ve never really been fond of the hand lettering so it’s going out the door and every single word is going to be redone. So the first pages are already updated, and more shall be as well, as time goes on.

Aside from that, I just came back from Further Confusion today and I’ve gotten nibbles of interest from both Sofawolf and Jarlidium Press on publishing this beast of a comic. So hopefully good things will be coming!

What else do I want to do with Inner Space? I’m hoping to write the 10-20 page epilogue (though knowing me it’ll balloon to more than that) and figure out what I want to do for the cover (most likely a full color painted piece.)

In other news, I am insane and I’m seriously contemplating starting yet another web comic. We’ll see!